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Posterous Spaces is the easiest way to share safely online

Easily manage and customize multiple Spaces

Each Space can be customized with privacy settings, dozens of professional
themes, and custom domains. Create as many Spaces as you need.

Share with Everyone, or a Select Few

Set each Space to public or private. Public Spaces can be accessed by anyone,
and private Spaces are only seen by who you invite.

Share Anything

We take away all the hassle of sharing online, automatically re-sizing
and optimizing your photos and videos! Social media overload?
Public Spaces can autopost to other popular social media sites.

Share on the Fly

Some things can't wait. Publish instantly to your Posterous Space
with our new iPhone or Android mobile app.

Millions of Spaces

Millions of users are Sharing Smarter with Posterous Spaces. From personal blogs
to fully functional business websites, what will you create next? See More!


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Learn Digital Marketing said...

very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

Muthu Krishnan
I am a web designer from Tirunelveli, India. I first started working on small designs, Now i started to expand my work to a full range of design/branding on screen.